The scariest party of the year is about to arrive and you certainly don't want to arrive unprepared for the usual pumpkin ritual!

This is a delicate period and we cannot celebrate around with friends, but we can have fun with family members carving the pumpkin and preparing a small dinner ... monstrous!

For those with children, the game is even more fun and we can't back down!

Who will prepare ghost-shaped sweets, who will leave a trick in the neighbor's door and who, like us, will prepare a beautiful super scary pumpkin!

How do you carve the pumpkin?

First you need to buy a fresh orange pumpkin . Size of your choice. It does not matter if it will not be perfect as a shape, on the contrary, the more it will have particular shapes the more captivating it will be.

Choose the area to carve and draw a mouth , two eyes and a nose with a black pen or felt-tip pen.

In addition to the classic design with scary eyes and mouth, you can make the silhouettes of any themed character: witches, bats, cats, monsters, ghosts, ect.

In this way you will create fantastic pumpkins with fantastic luminous embroideries.

Then with a knife , better if serrated , delimit the circle of the lid and remove it. Then you need to cleanse the pumpkin well: remove the seeds, the pulp and the filaments (do not throw anything away: all this can be useful for preparing an excellent Halloween-themed pumpkin-based dinner!)

The pumpkin is very hard and to carve it you need a very strong tool, a serrated knife with a sharp point or a small inexpensive pumpkin carving kit.

Then follow the drawing and carve!

You can insert a lantern or a small flat candle inside your pumpkin and put it outside in the hall, on the porch, on the balcony or even keep it indoors… .it will light up the night and the children will have a lot of fun.

Another trick is to use some accessories to enrich the pumpkin such as a witch hat or a wig.

Do you have a green or any other color plant in your home? You can insert it inside the pumpkin and make an autumnal and perfectly themed pot holder ! The result will be unique and original, even if perhaps less scary than usual!

Get creative with pumpkins and ... scary Halloween everyone!