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Often taboo subject in the male world, the prostate is a fundamental gland for men's health and disorders affecting it are never to be underestimated.

Notifying your doctor as soon as you notice any abnormal symptoms is the first thing. Often, however, they underestimate themselves and take action too late to solve the problem.

But what are the functions of the prostate?

- produce seminal fluid , one of the constituents of the sperm, which contains the elements necessary to nourish, protect and transport the spermatozoa.

- check the flow of urine . Muscle fibers in the prostate surround the urethra and are under the control of the involuntary nervous system. The contraction of these fibers can cause the flow of urine to slow down or even stop.

Around the age of 50 and over it is possible for this organ to become inflamed and lead to a condition known as prostatitis , with consequences such as burning in urination, pain in the groin, urine leakage , erectile dysfunction , etc. Through an early diagnosis at your urologist, as soon as these first, mild symptoms are felt, it is possible to avoid the onset of more serious problems.

In addition to the painful symptoms and urination, in the case of an inflamed prostate they can in fact have negative effects also on the sexual and reproductive sphere, with decreased desire, pain during sexual intercourse and ejaculation, erection or ejaculation problems. If the problem is due to a bacterial infection it can also lead to infertility, with impaired ability to move spermatozoa or decrease in the amount of seminal fluid produced.

It is therefore important to prevent! But how?

SOS PROSTATE is the ideal natural solution for the well -being and health of the male urinary tract .

It is a natural remedy containing pumpkin seeds, famous for their anti-prostatic properties, cranberry juice, nettle extract, zinc and serenoa repens . These substances act synergistically to support the functionality of the prostate and drainage of fluids.

In particular:

  • Pumpkin seeds they have relaxing, emollient, laxative and diuretic properties. They have been exploited for centuries in folk medicine, for their ability to contribute to the maintenance of prostate health.

  • La serenoa it acts favorably on prostatic function and on that of the urinary tract. Helps to counteract the symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy. It has a direct anti-inflammatory action on the muscles of the urogenital system.

  • Cranberry it is used effectively to support the functionality and health of the urinary tract, as it is rich in antioxidant molecules

  • The extract of nettle facilitates the drainage of body fluids

  • Wheat germ oil: promotes the drainage of body fluids and supports the functionality of the urinary tract.
  • Zinc is critical to the production of testosterone and all related functions

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