We welcome the new column " La Penna Rosa ", an all-female space that will address the world of the family , home and children .

Advice and ideas are never enough; the comparison is fundamental to expand the knowledge base and improve oneself, because, as you know, there is always something to improve.

If we are talking about children, then the dialogue is endless!

What to do with them in your free time? How to entertain them?

The role of dad and mom, what are the differences?

Household chores: whose turn it is? How to speed them up and facilitate them?

How to carve out and what to do in a relaxing break?

These are some of the topics that will be touched on from time to time in the weekly column.

Each week a new topic will be proposed that, hopefully, will be able to intrigue and stimulate you.

Many of you, Ecosalute customers, are mothers, aunts, grandmothers, wives and companions! This space is dedicated to you!

Simplicity, creativity and friendliness will characterize the texts that will accompany you every Wednesday and give you new ideas for the home , for yourself and for the family.

We are convinced that to get to people's hearts you don't need to be an expert but simply one of you.

A light moment, but not too much, that wants to join the Ecosalute world dedicated to you women !

Enjoy the reading!


Autumn has begun, the weather is getting cooler and it's time to make a nice change of season!

The week, however, is full of commitments: between work, shopping, home, sport and school, time, it is appropriate to say, devours us.

Changing closets can seem like a boring thing, a nuisance; but if you rethink it in the form of a game, maybe it will become lighter for everyone!

To make a nice wardrobe change, first of all you need to get rid of old , broken or no longer used things. Why still keep that old felted sweater that hasn't been worn in years? And those torn and stained trousers, which you don't have the courage to throw away but haven't used for centuries?

Involving your children in this activity, if they are over two years old, will amuse them and will facilitate you.

Turn a dreary Sunday afternoon into a fantastic clothing store!

You can also create a small space where your children will enjoy being your carers.

Give them the clothes to throw away: the little ones are full of inventiveness and will delight in dressing up. Do you have a toy iron? Great: have the clothes you don't use iron and hang and you will see how much fun they will have.

In the meantime you order, or at least try it; continue in the wardrobe change and do not worry about the disorder that reigns supreme ... .. in a couple of hours everything will be fine!

Talk to your child every now and then, pretend he's the laundry attendant, the clothes shopkeeper ... in short, there's plenty to indulge in! This way you will keep it under control and at the same time you will attend to your chores, accompanied by a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere that will make your work easier.

Being more or less present in his game depends a lot on the age of the child and his ability to manage his time independently. There are children who play alone from an early age, others less so.

Sociable children and more predisposed to group play, prefer to play with someone, looking for the support and involvement of the adult.

Especially at home, where you are an only child, this attitude prevails which will diminish over time.

The symbolic play is one of the activities through which the child learns to build and structure the development of his own personality : the more the child will have the opportunity to experience symbolic play, the more the child will experience new worlds that enrich him.

And imagination and interpersonal skills are stimulated in all ways!

Pretending to be a shopkeeper or an ironer will make him feel important, great, and will set in motion a richer language and at the same time will have a lot of fun.

It will happen that your ironed clothes not to be creased will be stolen, perhaps the work will take longer than expected, but involving them certainly helps them first of all for the educational activity , and you will have done another chore at home without delegating it to anyone!

Staging imaginary situations in which you pretend to be someone, even taking advantage of real work moments in the house, helps the development of the child and perhaps even adults, to remind us that every now and then you can go back to being a child!

Do you feel stressed at the thought of doing the wardrobe change with your children?

Antistress Complex can help you!