La Penna Rosa: Coloriamo l'autunno! Ecosalute

La Penna Rosa: Let's color autumn!

The cool season has arrived, with the first rains, chestnuts, polenta, hot chocolate to be enjoyed steaming in the long afternoons at home.

Autumn is a somewhat melancholy season for us adults, but very magical in the eyes of children because it is full of colors and suggestions, new scents and transformations.

Nature bids farewell to summer by lighting up red, yellow and orange .

The trees shed their leaves to go to sleep during the winter and recharge for the spring, giving life to a shower of colors that entertain children so much.

These are obvious things that we relive every year but perhaps we have forgotten, because they are always too distracted to stop for a moment to watch the changing of nature and be able to be amazed again.

It is possible to tell children about autumn, and what easier way than to use the colorful leaves that rest endlessly in the streets?

Go outside, to the park, under the house, near the school and observe them too with your children.

Collect them , why not?

Do you know that you can do many jobs with the leaves?

Especially on those rainy afternoons that seem to never end.

Here are some versions , to entertain and share a moment with both older and younger children.

For older children:

Take glue, scissors and a notebook and glue your leaves on the pages, just like a photo album .

It will also be fun to put the date and name on your leaves: is it an oak or a magnolia?

Get your mother to help you and consult the tree dictionary if necessary.

In this way you will create a real illustrated album where each page will have the leaf of the tree or plant "encountered" during your walk.

Have fun with your children by creating figures with these, invent stories. It will become a special book that will contain the magic of autumn that you have experienced!

Another job, which maybe can entice your children to read to use the fruit of their own hands, is to use the leaves to create a nice bookmark . Just customize a long and rectangular cardboard with leaves or parts of them, of various colors and sizes. Also add some glitter or colored designs, to make it even more cheerful. If you enjoy reading in the family, have your child create a personalized bookmark for each member of the household.

For the little ones:

For younger children, on the other hand, try building some men with leaves ! Glue them to ice cream sticks, toothpicks for skewers, straws, whatever you have at home and within reach, and that's it.

You can draw eyes and glue them, or use cotton or buttons and gently apply them in your leaf to create the smileys! You can also make his hair out of colored wool or cotton threads.

Space your imagination and you will see always different results.

Are you still convinced that autumn is a sad and disconsolate season?

Maybe Rhodiola can do for you …… Have fun!