With the lowering of temperatures it is not at all rare to fall victim to the first seasonal ailments; whether they are associated with fever or not, these flu-like disorders are mostly manifested by affections affecting the upper respiratory tract , such as stuffy or runny nose , sore throat , hoarseness and cough .

Especially in a delicate moment like this it is advisable to take care of yourself and your defenses: strengthening your immune system in order to prevent and counter flu symptoms and the like is the basis for maintaining an effective shield against attacks by microorganisms. pathogens and external viral agents.

In case of nasal congestion , whether or not associated with cough oily, the use of Eucalyptus essential oil , with well-known balsamic properties, is able to " free " the upper respiratory tract from that annoying sense of occlusion.

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For this purpose, natural ingredients such as Spirulina Algae can be useful, which in addition to being a valid tonic for those who are debilitated, tired and exhausted, is also a real panacea for those with a reduced immune response .

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On the other hand, to strengthen one's defenses and to combat sore throats, it is possible to exploit the immunostimulating properties of the echinacea contained in Echinostilla Propoli Maef ; it is an oral spray formulated for the well-being of the throat and upper airways, enriched with highly concentrated, purified and dewaxed propolis and essential oils with a balsamic and soothing action.

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