Nasal congestion , also called nasal obstruction or, more commonly, " stuffy nose ", is a very common complaint in the cold season.

Contrary to popular belief, this hated phenomenon is due not to an excess of mucus at the level of the nose, but to an inflammatory process at the level of the nasal mucosa : this is caused by the migration to this site of pro-inflammatory molecules, which lead to the dilation of some veins present here (called venous sinuses ) which can also obstruct the small nasal cavities.

Normal airflow is therefore obstructed, making breathing more difficult .

Often the venous sinuses can contract and dilate cyclically, even several times a day, and this explains why the sensation of nasal congestion can vary throughout the day and affect even one nostril at a time.

The excess mucus , although annoying, which occurs at the same time as nasal congestion is actually a protective effect implemented by the body, which increases its production in order to trap dust, microorganisms and external agents.

However, it is still a very pleasant situation, which often prevents you from resting well and makes you debilitated, stressed and tired.

Natural solutions

Among the various remedies that nature makes available, there are plants with a balsamic action.

Making fumigations , adding a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to boiling water and placing your head on it (perhaps covered with a cloth in order to enhance the effectiveness of the operation) for about ten minutes, can help to free not only the nose but also the throat and bronchi .

Even putting 1-2 drops of essential oil on the pillow before going to sleep is useful to facilitate rest: if you fear sensitization reactions to the skin of the face, for very reactive subjects it is possible to spray a drop on a handkerchief and keep it clean. side by side or under the pillowcase.

Instead, to benefit from a "liberating" essence for blocked nasal passages in every corner of the house, positive effects can be obtained by adding the essential oil in a diffuser or, alternatively, in a humidifier or in a basin of water. placed on the radiators.

Try Eucalyptus Essential Oil .

Another very useful plant for this purpose is the Tea Tree , as in addition to a decongestant effect it also exerts a disinfectant action on the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract.

Also in this case it is possible to exploit the properties of this plant through the fumigations : it is sufficient to place a few drops of essential oil in a basin of boiling water, cover the head with a towel and inhale with the nose (with mouth closed), interrupting from time to time, until the water no longer releases steam.

If you do not like fumigations or the sensation of intense heat on the face, this does not mean that you have to give up enjoying the benefits of these extraordinary plants: it is also possible to add a few drops of both oils in the tub while relaxing with a hot bath. and breathe deeply.

The effluvium that will be released thanks to hot water, even if less intense than that obtainable with steam, will still help to decongest the respiratory tract and will also exert a disinfectant and toning effect on the skin.

Take advantage of the Tea Tree Essential Oil .