With the rains and bad weather, the first flu also arrive, the boring colds, coughs, fevers and sore throats that sometimes force you to go to bed and put a stop to the numerous daily commitments.

    However, it is possible to avoid them by implementing effective prevention and strengthening the body's defenses with the help of some medicinal plants: some of these, if combined in an appropriate way, can really constitute a valid support for the immune system.

    As for the symptoms related to colds , three are the most effective plants to prevent and counter them: echinacea, elderberry and uncaria.

    From today they are available in a precious synergy within a new product, Echinocaps Immuno.

    What is Echinocaps Immuno?

    Echinocaps Immuno is a food supplement with an immunostimulating action, based on vitamin C, echinacea, uncaria and elderflower.

    Echinacea is an important plant especially in prevention because it stimulates the immune defenses, strengthening them; thanks to the active ingredients echinacoside, which performs an antibiotic and bacteriostatic action, and echinacein, which gives the plant corticosimilar anti-inflammatory properties, exerts its effect even in the acute phases of colds, blocking bacterial proliferation and inflammation typical of the first autumn ailments.

    Uncaria tumentosa , on the other hand, is a plant whose root is considered a natural antibiotic, with low toxicity and without side effects.

    Elderberry is a stimulant of secretions in the respiratory tract, and is therefore recommended in case of dry cough and pharyngitis thanks to its emollient and soothing action.

    Echinocaps Immuno is also enhanced with vitamin C , which also gives the product an antioxidant and restorative action, useful for facilitating physical recovery.

    Enriched with zinc, copper and vitamins B6 and B12 , essential microelements for the proper functioning of the immune system as they are involved in various processes, including the maintenance of a balanced intestinal flora.

    Try the new Echinocaps Immuno !