How many times have you woken up in the morning with a headache?

I imagine many, many. Days that start off on the wrong foot are unlikely to be transformed with a splendid ending.

Migraines can be truly debilitating, especially if frequent and intense, but don't worry, in nature there are some active ingredients that act on the multiple causes that trigger headache attacks, let's see some of them.


Headaches are the first warning sign of an intoxicated organism , they are often accompanied by pronounced dark circles under the eyes with tiredness and fatigue . In fact, climate pollution and foods refined by companies cause a high accumulation of toxins , which if not eliminated correctly cause slowdowns and mild to medium-level disorders .

It is therefore necessary to proceed with active ingredients capable of cleansing the body such as Burdock and Sorrel contained in Formula Caisse , a complete purifier which, in addition to promoting correct intestinal functioning, keeps the body purified.


Stress is another triggering factor that does not allow the right and correct rest and the consequences are paid only when waking up.

To limit the effects it is best to consider a nightly and daily treatment to ensure that the active ingredients can work effectively and consistently. Precisely with this objective the Golden Dreams Package was chosen and created which contains:

In fact, Antistress Complex expresses all its potential during the day thanks to the presence of Rhodiola and Schisandra which contribute to physiological relaxation and harmonious balance .

Magnesium , on the other hand, is a mineral salt that is excellent for reducing headaches, especially the magnesium chloride form. Its formula is aimed at those who suffer from insomnia or repeated awakenings , it should in fact be taken before going to sleep, so that it can carry out its relaxing action during the night.

Some studies show that a Magnesium deficiency is among the primary causes of headaches because it participates in nervous and muscular excitability and its deficiency is associated with neuronal hyperexcitability syndrome , characterized by numerous symptoms, including migraine.

An enemy of migraines is certainly Linden , a bud extract extracted from Tilia Tomentosa with sedative and anxiolytic action, ideal for calming headaches caused by altered emotional states.