Let's take the excuse of the bikini test to offer you one new column entirely dedicated to health , thanks to practical and easy-to-implement advice that will help you find your ideal physical shape in a healthy and natural way.

By starting well in advance, you won't need to resort to last-minute impossible diets and excruciating exercises out of your reach. The system 7 kilos in 7 days not only doesn't work , but it is also very bad for your metabolism and it will leave you disappointed and demoralized.

Then let's try together to put some simple tips and exercises into practice and turn them into healthy daily habits .

The ultimate goal is to find the pleasure of one's physical form , a more conscious, greater diet physical and mental well-being .

Let's start immediately:


Meals should never be skipped , rather they go lightened And increased in number . The ideal is to have 5 or 6 small meals a day, with one Abundant breakfast based on low-fat yogurt and fruit plus a portion of carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, rusks).

At lunch, try to reduce the amount of pasta or rice and defeat hunger with a abundant plate of vegetables cooked or raw, depending on the season.

For dinner, pair again lots of vegetables to meat, fish or legumes. In the cold season they are also excellent tasty soups, velvety or minestrone.

The easiest way to decrease the calories you consume throughout the day is to lend beware of sugars that you introduce with hot drinks (coffee or tea), alcohol and snacks between meals. Make yourself some chopped fruit and enjoy it when your stomach starts to grumble.

It may seem trivial, but to avoid eating sweets and snacks, just don't buy them!


It is absolutely necessary for health as it activates circulation, oxygenates the body, burns fat, eliminates toxins and releases endorphins, making us happier !

We recommend a simple activity, within everyone's reach but very effective: walking.


  • 4 minutes of warm-up: while walking at a slow and steady pace, loosen your shoulders and arms by making them rotate. Walk for a few seconds with your knees well raised.
  • 3 minutes a moderate pace .
  • 3 minutes of brisk walking with long stride , increasing the rhythm of the breath.
  • 3 minutes a moderate pace .
  • 3 minutes of brisk walk with long stride.
  • 3 minutes a moderate pace .
  • 3 minutes of brisk walk with long stride
  • 3 minutes a moderate pace .
  • 5 minutes to catch your breath and cool down: at a slow pace, breathing deeply.

Repeat the entire session at least two, or rather, three times a week. To increase your motivation, involve a friend or take the dog with you.


It is proved that there is a close relationship between the sleep cycle and the secretion of some important hormones . Suffering from sleep disturbances or sleeping fewer hours than recommended significantly increases the risk of hormonal problems. Hormonal imbalances can therefore alter mood, blood sugar levels and body weight. Therefore it is very important to sleep the canonical 8 hours a night.

We also want to offer you a simple exercise, the full yogic breathing , considered the ideal breathing, thanks to which it is possible to use the lung capacity to the maximum. Learning to control your breath helps feel better , however manage emotions and for make mental clarity .

Start by putting yourself in a comfortable position: standing, sitting or lying on your stomach.

  • Place your hands on your stomach and relax your breath.
  • Keep the spine straight for the duration of the practice.
  • As you breathe in, pay attention to the expanding abdomen.
  • As you exhale, empty your lungs completely by contracting your abdominals slightly.
  • Repeat for a few breaths while observing the hands that rise spontaneously with the inhale and lower with the exhale.

This is your abdominal breath, use your lower lungs.

Now place your hands on the sides of your chest, above your ribs.

  • As you breathe in, feel your belly expand and the air rising as your chest expands.
  • Exhaling the chest compresses, the air falls and the belly deflates by slightly contracting the abdominals.
  • Repeat for a few breaths, focusing on expanding the rib cage with the inhale and contraction with the exhale.

This is your chest breathing, use the side lobes of the lungs.

Now, place your hands under your shoulders, at the level of your collarbones.

  • Breathing in, the belly and chest expand.
  • Try to bring the air up to below your shoulders. You should feel a slight lifting of the hands.
  • As you exhale, relax your shoulders, compress your chest and completely deflate your belly with a slight abdominal contraction.
  • Repeat a few breaths, focusing on expanding the shoulder and neck area.

This is your clavicular breathing, use the upper part of the lungs.

By combining the three phases of breathing in a single and harmonious act, bringing attention to the various phases of the breath - first abdominal, then thoracic, then clavicular - you are doing exactly one complete yogic breathing and you are using your lung capacity to the maximum.