In a few days it's Valentine's Day, young couples take the opportunity to exchange tender gifts, the most attentive husbands return home with a bouquet of flowers… but often the longest-lived couples forget and ignore the event. Perhaps because the holiday has become charged with excessive commercial significance and suddenly the windows and advertisements are filled with hearts and doves, prompting the purchase of jewels, perfumes and chocolates.

So let's celebrate a Valentine's Day in the name of real feeling!

Why not take the opportunity of this holiday to listen to each other, pamper yourself and remember the real reasons why the couple was formed and still resist, despite the thousand adventures to which life exposes us.


Time is now the most precious gift . The time to devote to meet and rediscover yourself, in a romantic B&B in the mountains or simply in the living room, turning off your smartphone, television and PC.

A great classic is a stay at the spa or a couple's journey in a spa, perhaps taking advantage of a new treatment that has never been tried before.

Romanticism can also be released during a visit to one of the beautiful Italian cities of art: a tour in the center, an aperitif and a visit to the museum or a historic building.

For the more original, it is possible to immerse yourself in a role-playing game in which to relive your favorite film, to rediscover the fun and complicity.

In any case, the romantic dinner cannot be missed, whether you choose to prepare an elaborate four-handed menu in your own kitchen, or whether you choose a beautiful restaurant never visited before.

It is essential to rediscover physicality and sensuality ... perhaps starting with a relaxing cinnamon-scented massage.