Many ailments arise from the fact that the organism is subjected daily to a high quantity of pollutants present in the air , water and many foods , as well as from the frequent use of antibiotics or drugs . The detoxification systems implemented by the human body do not always manage to eliminate all these substances and they end up accumulating in cells and tissues.

This accumulation in the long run hinders the proper functioning of the organism. The effects are clearly visible even to an untrained eye: the skin appears duller, the hair and nails are more fragile, irritability or depression and less resistance to infections occur, as well as a series of problems generally related to the apparatus. digestive.

What are the symptoms that signal a request for purification by the body?

In addition to those mentioned above, there are recurrent headaches , chronic fatigue , muscle weakness , water retention , inflammatory reactions and difficulty in losing weight, digestive and intestinal difficulties, bloating after meals. Prolonged exposure to toxic agents can create health problems in the long run; for this it is necessary to adopt a strategy that helps the body to counteract their presence, through detoxification and expulsion.

Since ancient times, a period of fasting was prescribed in most cultures to purify the body of toxins and metabolic waste ; beyond the spiritual motivations, it is thought that these purification periods were a legacy of ancient traditions, in which the need for periodic detoxification was verified to free the body from the burden of digestion and reactivate the metabolism.

Today, in a society where there is a high and varied availability of food and there are numerous scientific studies on metabolism, these fasts are practiced less and less. In some cases they are even considered harmful , except when carried out under the supervision of a specialist and for urgent health reasons. In fact, the practice of purification through natural remedies , purifying supplements and phytotherapeutic compounds capable of promoting the detoxification of the organism, or only of some organs, is much more widespread and safer .

The advantages

The advantages of purification are different, some unsuspected. For example:

- Support for the immune system

- Improvement of digestion and intestinal function.

- Readiness, energy and mental clarity.

- Elimination of metabolic waste.

- Brighter skin and stronger, healthier hair.

How to carry out a correct purification?

The organs to be purified mainly are the intestines , liver and kidneys , in sequence . In addition to following a correct diet by preferring the consumption of specific foods, you can think of purifying cycles through herbal compounds, which also provide energy resources to the body during the cleansing period.

It is a good idea to do two cycles a year, in autumn and spring, when the body is naturally predisposed and whenever you feel tired, heavy or debilitated.

  • To obtain a complete purification it is therefore necessary to start from the intestine . Indeed, dietary factors and emotional stress can produce colon congestion which, in the long run, produces the ideal environment for the proliferation of harmful microorganisms that can cause inflammation and other disorders.

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  • Following the bowel cleansing it is recommended to proceed with a liver purification . It is good to always keep it "clean" so as not to hinder its functioning, since it is precisely through this organ that alcohol, drugs and chemicals are disposed of the most. Furthermore, a correct functioning of this organ allows a better digestion and a better assimilation of nutrients.

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  • Finally, to help the body eliminate all the waste that has accumulated, it is recommended to proceed with the purification of the kidneys . In fact, the latter are the vital organs responsible for filtering the blood from waste substances and expelling waste.

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During the purification it is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and to prefer a healthy diet rich in vegetables , fruit , fiber and antioxidant foods, to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.

Furthermore, it is possible to implement the elimination of waste also through physical activity : sweat and metabolic processes triggered by sport in fact allow to promote the expulsion of all harmful substances accumulated in the body.

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