Art helps the soul, calms discontent and fills the days, especially the gray and autumnal ones typical of the cold season.

Keeping children entertained indoors, also thanks to the current emergency situation, requires a little creativity and inventiveness.

Painting turns out to be an excellent fun and educational pastime, which children usually enjoy very much.

It is possible to make the moment more special by taking advantage of it to create the colors by yourself, taking advantage of the characteristic of some spices or herbs easily available in any supermarket.

A mix of cuisine and art that will become a unique experience.

For example, from turmeric you will get a splendid yellow-gold color, from coffee brown, with thyme or mint you can create a beautiful bright green, with paprika red, and so on.

These colors have the advantage of being completely natural compared to industrial colors, and safer if they end up on the skin or in the mouth of children.

Making them is very simple

In fact, a few simple ingredients that each of us have in our pantry are enough: flour or corn starch, cold water, olive oil and of course spices.

It is sufficient to mix everything in a bowl until you get a fluid mush and heat it over low heat until it reaches the right consistency to be used with brushes, sponges, cotton buds or, why not, even with your fingers.

The only precaution is to use a thick sheet of paper or cardboard as a base for the drawings, as home-made colors tend to be slightly more liquid than those purchased in stores.

In addition to creating simple drawings on paper, it is also possible to decorate objects, such as eggs, wooden or cardboard houses, small boxes and jewelry boxes; there are no limits to this fun art experiment!

An added benefit? The olfactory note! In fact, these designs are also perfect to smell, as well as to admire!

What are you waiting for?

Let yourself be enveloped by the intense aromas that spices give.

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