It is estimated that at least one in five women has contracted cystitis at least once in her life.

It is in fact a very common condition that is found more in summer due to the increase in temperatures, humidity and other factors. ( Learn more )

CistiPack is the package completely dedicated to Cystitis to prevent it and reduce its symptoms , let's see what it contains.


Bearberry has always been used to reduce and prevent urinary tract infections thanks to a compound called hydroquinone .

Hydroquinone is a very strong antibacterial capable of disinfecting the urinary tract and thus fighting cystitis , that is, the infection caused by a bacterium called Escherichia Coli.

The bearberry also helps the drainage of liquids , proving also useful for water retention and thanks to the tannins contained, it promotes the well-being of the intestine .

Floravita Plus

Yes, the well-being of the intestine is essential to prevent the onset of cystitis . In fact, if the bacterial flora is in balance and healthy, it plays an important barrier action between the bladder and the outside.

Floravita Plus is a capsule supplement with over 10.4 billion active lactic ferments with prebiotic and probiotic action, enriched with B vitamins.

  • Probiotics : they are good bacteria, able to adhere to intestinal cells and colonize them, favoring the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Prebiotics : substances able to favor the proliferation of probiotics and instead prevent that of pathogenic microorganisms.

Intimate wash

Intimate hygiene is certainly the main aspect, to maintain the correct pH of the genital area the cleanser must be delicate .

Intimate Cleanser is formulated for daily cleansing with a pH 4.5 formulation and ingredients capable of soothing redness and irritation of the intimate area.

Inside there is:

  • Yogurt : source of lactic ferments that balance the flora of the genital area
  • Colloidal silver and Neem oil : perform an antibacterial action
  • Calendula , Icelandic Lichen and Red Vine : chosen for their soothing and emollient properties.

Try the CistiPack package now and enjoy your summer