Our well-being and our health depend on how our body eliminates toxins.

The organism suffers from environmental pollution, unregulated life, stress, toxic products that accumulate in our body in the form of toxins and parasites and in the long run trigger a series of physical ailments, of which it becomes difficult to discover the causes.

Precisely for this reason, almost all of us need to purify our body; to do this, the first organ to be purified is the liver, as it is the main organ dedicated to disposing of toxins.

The liver works tirelessly to detoxify the blood, produce the bile needed to digest fat, synthesize hormones, and store essential vitamins, minerals and iron.

According to Chinese medicine, in addition to the classic toxins introduced from food or air, rabies is another pollutant of the liver. An excess of thick blood makes you prone to anger by affecting the liver and causing discomfort such as migraines or bone pain. Here the purification and cleansing of the liver is essential to perform it at least once a year.

Depurativo Fegato is a natural medicinal compound based on Milk Thistle, Fumaria, Combreto, Elicriso and Lime. These plants have an exceptional purifying capacity. Milk thistle has the ability to stimulate liver function and reduce inflammation. Useful in case of hepatitis and after a long drug therapy or for those who smoke in excess. In general, thistle is useful for regenerating and protecting liver tissue. the Fumitory has purifying, hepatoprotective and antispastic properties. The plant is also able to regulate bile flow by increasing it if it is insufficient and decreasing it if it is excessive.

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