Did you get sick? Did the flu get you down?
Viruses should never be underestimated, especially in light of the latest events, so it is advisable to consider both the curative and post-recovery aspects.
In such a moment of health emergency, there are many acquaintances and friends, unfortunately, struggling with the worrying effects of Coronavirus contagion. Some recovered, others awaiting heartening responses and the rapid passage of this veritable health and social cyclone.
All of this makes us sad, defeated, confused and it is normal. Emotional stress affects all even children, who are more agitated, restless and insistent in their requests.
It is advisable to remain calm and have patience to explain to them what is happening, but it is not always easy, especially if they are very young. The secret lies in keeping them busy, spending time with them playing, perhaps outdoors for those lucky enough to have a terrace or a garden or involving them in home activities (dusting, making the bed, setting the table ...).
In the age of the internet and smartphones, hearing from friends and family more often can help you feel less alone. Listening to music is good for our ears but above all for the soul. It reduces stress and brings joy. Cooking, painting, exercising are all activities that can lighten the heaviness of the current situation for a few hours.
To recover your strength in the best possible way even in the post-flu period, you need to slow down your pace of life and habits and rely on nature, which supports and strengthens us.
The recommended proposals are RHODIOLA ROSEA and SPIRUTONIC .
Rhodiola Rosea , helps to counteract physical and mental fatigue, contributing to the maintenance of a normal mood. It reduces mental anxiety and stress and promotes physical energy and also decreases sleep disturbances.
It is particularly valuable in all season changes, post illnesses and difficult periods such as the current one, in which the psychophysical state is put to the test.

Spirutonic , excellent tonic for our body, based on spirulina algae, very rich in nutrients with immediate beneficial effects. It is a real energetic cure-all, ideal for combating fatigue and regaining possession of one's health. It improves oxidative stress, reduces blood sugars and fights osteoporosis.

Due to the richness of basic minerals, spirulina is one of the alkaline foods because it helps restore the body's acid-base balance.

Known already in ancient times for its beneficial effects, it was cultivated by the Aztecs, whose women used to take it during pregnancy.

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