FAME NERVOSA? Abbiamo noi la soluzione! Ecosalute

NERVOUS HUNGER? We have the solution!


Anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and mild depression are just some of the symptoms of the so-called reentry syndrome . After a well-deserved vacation, you often don't feel psychologically ready to start everyday life again!

Along with this return there is also another problem: NERVOUS HUNGER!

How to survive?

Thanks to RHODIOLA ROSEA , a powerful adaptogen , this means that it increases the body's response to different types of stress. Also it is able to fortify the body from a physical and mental point of view.

This puts the body in a position to respond correctly to negative stimuli, to remain strong and healthy to cope with stress in the best possible way. In reality, when the stress is not excessive and the body's response is normal, the stimuli help us to adapt and find new solutions. But when the stress is too much and the response to it becomes excessive, so much so that even the most trivial problems of everyday life seem insurmountable, then its impact can endanger your health.

The active principle of Rhodiola Rosea, responsible for all the benefits that the plant gives, is called rosavin and is able to positively influence the availability of serotonin, the feel-good hormone, norepinephrine and dopamine, which in neurological pathways regulate mood , and norepinephrine which increases physical performance.

In fact, the benefits of this extraordinary plant are manifested both physically and mentally: it increases energy and muscle endurance , reduces recovery times , decreases intellectual fatigue by increasing the ability to concentrate and counteracts sleep disorders, mood swings , apathy and effectively fights the nervous hunger.


Another help comes from the ANTISTRESS COMPLEX .

It is an Officinal Compound formulated to promote physiological relaxation and restore harmony of body and mind. It is a real natural support that acts on the production of cortisol (stress hormone), normalizing it.

It must be borne in mind that, although its excessive production is unquestionably harmful to the body, underproduction is equally harmful, as minimum levels of cortisol are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Properties of its ingredients:

  • Rhodiola rosea: the natural stress reliever par excellence! It acts on the activity and concentration of serotonin which, in turn, reduces anxiety, improves sleep and relaxes the muscles. Furthermore, part of the serotonin produced is transformed by the body into melatonin with positive effects on the sleep-wake rhythm.
  • Holy Basil : supports the natural defenses of the immune system and relieves the negative load of stress.
  • Schisandra chinensis: the adaptogens contained in it help maintain the body's systemic balance, improving concentration and attention. The Schisandra is a valid support in case of stress, heat, and emotional overload ...
  • Oats and oat fruits: Contains avenin which improves sleep. It is an excellent anti-stress and a good sedative, very useful for those who are subjected to heavy workloads.
  • Oat fruits: they give mental clarity and aim to improve cognitive activity. Very rich in starch and B vitamins, which make them an excellent tonic.
  • Centella: improves cerebral circulation, with calming, anti-stress, anxiolytic and sedative results. Useful in cases of nervous anxiety; improves mental focus.
  • Verbena: is a pacifying and sedative herb; relaxes the nerves, improves digestion, suitable for anxiety, nervous tension, stress and depression.
  • Savory: has tonic-nervine properties, useful for counteracting fatigue.

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