Autumn is the season of purification : our body aligns itself with the rhythms of nature and renews itself. This is the time when we can cleanse the intestines, liver and kidneys with the best results, thanks to the support of the climate!


Why purify yourself?

  • To help your body eliminate toxins and metabolic waste accumulated in the tissues. We all come into contact with pollutants through food, air, drugs, or exposure to chemicals.
  • Doing a purification cycle is important for the body to have more energy and perform its functions at its best. The benefits: improved skin health , more efficient digestion and intestinal function .

The purification cycle includes 3 products:



This very precious medicinal compound contains the properties of 6 different plants, whose synergy gives it the property of:

  • detoxify the intestines;
  • counteract the establishment of intestinal parasites;
  • counteract fungal forms;
  • boost the immune system.

Composed of:

GREEN WALNUT HULL : contains various active ingredients to exert a purifying, antiparasitic, antifungal, lymphatic drainage and immune system stimulation action.

ARTEMISIA: it is included in the detoxification protocols, against chronic poisoning, intestinal parasites and skin and anal itching.

CLOUD NAILS: also fall within the chronic detoxification protocols and have significant bacterial, antiseptic, highly disinfectant effects, excellent against intestinal fermentation and poisoning, against intestinal parasites and skin fungi.

In addition to Dr. Clark's three herbs, MiX is ENHANCED with:

BURDOCK: promotes the elimination of toxins that are put into circulation by the antiparasitic activity.

ALOE FEROX: promotes the elimination of parasites quickly.

OLIVE LEAVES: has antioxidant, diuretic, purifying and hepato-stimulating properties. It also has a useful general detoxifying action, especially as regards the excess of uric acids, fats and blood sugars.


The benefits of having a clean liver are as follows:

  • Rebalances the immune system: purification and drainage are very important to help the body in all cases of immune system disorders (autoimmune diseases, intolerances, allergies, etc.).
  • It increases the body's energy level (to counteract the typical spring fatigue).
  • Optimize alertness and mental clarity.
  • It restores the ability to lose weight.

It is a medicinal compound based on 6 herbs:

  • CARDO MARIANO: silymarin, contained in milk thistle, has shown a protective effect against many types of chemical toxins, including alcohol. A milk thistle extract is used to improve liver function, protect against liver damage, and accelerate the regeneration of damaged liver cells.
  • FUMARIA: it has above all purifying properties of the organism and is a stimulant of bile secretion.
  • COMBRETO: it is a good remedy for bile, it also acts as a diuretic and disinfectant of the urinary tract and prevents liver diseases.
  • HELICHRIS: the attributed properties are anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, analgesic and decongestant.
  • RHUBARB RHIZOME: anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective.



It is a medicinal compound specifically formulated to facilitate the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the urinary tract. It is a good idea to proceed with the purification of the urinary system at least twice a year.

Its components:

VERGA D'ORO: known for its diuretic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore indicated in inflammatory states of the lower urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis), in the presence of kidney stones (it hinders their formation) and in the treatment of water retention and cellulite blemishes.

URSINE GRAPE: it is useful for the drainage of body fluids and, thanks to the antibacterial properties of its active ingredient, hydroquinone, it fights infections of the urinary tract and other body systems. Hydroquinone, in fact, is able to fight bacteria such as E.Coli, Streptococcus, etc.

BURDOCK: powerful depurative, owes its properties to the fact that it is a good diuretic, it also has an interesting hypoglycemic, hypocholesterolemic and antibiotic action.

PILOSELLA: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and above all diuretic properties, which result in a direct stimulation of the kidneys to eliminate sodium, chlorine, uric acid and nitrogenous waste.

JUNIPER: natural antiseptic for the urinary tract, excellent for fighting stones.



  • 1 pack of 100ml Enhanced Clark Balanced Mix
  • 1 pack of Enhanced Liver Depurative 100 ml
  • 1 pack of Enhanced Kidney Depurative 100 ml

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