Echinostilla Propoli MAEF is a natural supplement based on Echinacea , a herbaceous plant native to Mexico and North America with known immunostimulating properties . It is an indispensable product when the first cold weather arrives. Echinacea, thanks to the properties of its active ingredients, has an anti- inflammatory action in the throat, as well as stimulating the defensive activity at the local level.

It is enriched with Propolis Maef , which has an antibacterial , antifungal and disinfectant action on the oral cavity; the acronym Maef stands for High Efficiency Maceration, a process that makes the raw material more concentrated, dewaxed and purified, making sure that the active ingredients of propolis, in addition to being more bioavailable, are also free from any type of organic contamination.

Furthermore, to give the product balsamic properties, three essential oils have been carefully selected: Mint, Mountain pine and Eucalyptus . Mint has refreshing, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties, eucalyptus has a decongestant and emollient action on the oral mucosa, while mountain pine has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties. All three, thanks to the particular and intense aroma, have a balsamic effect.

The product is useful for the well-being of the upper respiratory tract ; in particular it helps to counteract the discomfort due to sore throat, stuffy nose and flu symptoms in general, especially in the nose, throat and pharynx. It can be soothing even in the case of a dry cough , to soothe a sore throat.

In these cases we recommend 1-2 sprays at a time, 3-4 times a day, depending on the need

Product without gluten and lactose, in the form of an oral spray. The practical dispenser allows you to always carry it with you, in your pocket or handbag, and use it when needed.

To enhance its effectiveness, Echinostilla can be combined with Vitamin D spray.

Our new Vitamin D3 is of totally natural origin and suspended in sunflower oil; the pleasant Orange taste is given by the presence of sweet orange essential oil, which makes it pleasant to take.

In addition to being essential for the well-being of bones , teeth and muscles as it promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, it also contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system .

Considering that most of the Italian population is deficient in Vitamin D (in particular children, the elderly, pregnant or menopausal women), it is good to ensure a correct intake of it through the diet and sufficient sun exposure; However, bearing in mind that the protective filters prevent its production in the skin and that the quantity introduced with food is minimal, it can certainly be useful to supplement one's diet with a vitamin D-based product.

A frequency of 1 to 3 deliveries per day is recommended. One pack is sufficient for approximately two months of use.

Both products are practical and comfortable for both adults and children and are the right mix to strengthen the defenses of the whole family.

You can find Echinostilla Propolis Maef spray and Vitamin D3 spray in the Strengthen Defenses spray package .