ECHINOCAPS: difese immunitarie al 100% Ecosalute

ECHINOCAPS: 100% immune defenses


Can you see the lightning that the people around you throw at you?

In the last few days, alas even months, the immune system is often subjected to the attack of viruses and bacteria, never before have we heard about immune defenses, our shield against evil.

However, the defenses are not always ready and armed to attack the enemy and are sometimes defeated.

The good news is that we can strengthen and strengthen shields to improve their strength and endurance.


Echinocaps thanks to its natural ingredients plays an immunostimulating action, essential to counteract flu symptoms such as: sore throat , cough and cold .

What does it contain?

  • Vitamin C: has an antioxidant and protective action, therefore it fights free radicals by strengthening the immune system. This vitamin is essential for proper iron absorption.
  • Echinacea : plant that supports the body and the immune system , also prevents inflammation processes.
  • Uncaria: immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory properties, very useful for assisting the treatment of cold symptoms and accelerating their resolution.
  • Zinc and Copper: guarantee the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12: vitamins able to offer support to the body's natural defenses .

Discover the grandmother's remedy to fight the cold with echinacea!

To help the defenses it is essential to integrate the diet with the right mix of vitamins and minerals, do not turn up your nose! Fruits and vegetables must be your best friends, seasonal of course.

There are many recipes to be able to indulge yourself and give space to creativity, experiment and taste!

There are no medicines that can KO the cold virus : the good news is that with the right allies you can alleviate symptoms or prevent their appearance .

If it's already late and the sore throat has set in, try Echinostilla based on propolis and balsamic oils to finally say goodbye to inflammation.