BRUCIORE DI GOLA: Echinostilla & Gargarismi Ecosalute

THROAT BURN: Echinostilla & Gargarismi

Burning in the throat is a very common condition , especially these days: the constant sensation of a burning throat and a myriad of pins ready to sting you when you least expect it.

There are many remedies that can be applied to reduce and combat throat discomfort, among many, propolis is certainly the queen of remedies .

But what is propolis?

Propolis is a substance obtained from the buds of poplars, in herbal medicine it is useful in cases of seasonal ailments or diseases of the respiratory tract . The antiviral , antibacterial and immunostimulating action make it one of the most used remedies for the prevention of sore throats , coughs and colds .

Echinostilla is a spray for the well-being of the respiratory tract , which exploits the properties of this resin. To improve and increase the effectiveness of propolis, three different types ( MAEF ) have been used combined with echinacea.

Why MAEF propolis?

In  Echinostilla , in fact, are mixed three different types of propolis obtained through a dry extract , glycerate And dewaxed .

They are called MAEF as you derive through a High Efficiency Maceration which makes the raw material more concentrated, dewaxed and purified.

This extraction allows to obtain active ingredients highly bioavailable , concentrate and exempt from any contaminations.

We know well that at the sound of the word "propolis" your nose twists and you can feel the immediate bitterness in your mouth. For this reason we have decided to sweeten the taste by adding essential oils , in particular: mint , mountain pine and eucalyptus which, with a soothing and decongestant action, allow the airways to be freed.

Calendula and Plantain , instead , they perform an emollient and soothing action on the oropharyngeal mucosa.

Echinostilla is useful for:

  • well -being of nose and throat
  • well -being of the upper respiratory tract
  • strengthen the body's natural defenses

Gargling with silver

Gararismo is a practice that helps to counteract and reduce the burning of the throat. A valid substitute can be used for the classic "recipes" of garages with salt or bicarbonate : colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver is a natural antibacterial, formulated with patented equipment capable of obtaining a very high quality product, defined as colloidal as it is present in liquid suspension in bistillated water .

 AND available in both 100ml and 500ml formats.

For cases of throat discomfort and cough , two tablespoons of silver can be mixed several times a day, keeping it in the mouth for a few moments.

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