How does our attention work? How many types of attention are there? Cristina Minotti , developmental psychologist, explains it to us.

How does your attention work?

“How careless! I did everything wrong, I wasn't careful!”

“Can we even talk among all these people?” "Of course! Just tell me!”

These two situations show us how much attention is a protagonist process in our everyday lives .

Without attention we would not be able to memorize , communicate , learn and perform survival tasks.

We often use the term “Attention” as if it were a single concept.

Actually, in our days we work on different types of attention.

Focused attention

It represents the ability to respond to a specific stimulus . It is necessary to ignore other stimuli to concentrate only on the selected one . To have a good performance it is important to have a high level of concentration .

Sustained attention

We find it in the execution of activities and tasks that require intense and prolonged concentration . It helps us persist in an activity. Let's think of a student concentrated during a written exam that lasts 1 hour, for example.

Divided attention

Can we do two activities at the same time ?


Thanks to our dividing attention! We would not have optimal performance for both tasks, which do not have to be complex. This is the case with simple activities: for example when we clean while listening to the news. We can focus well on both cleaning and listening!

Alternating attention

It allows us to change our attentional focus . Attention can be directed to one stimulus then to another quickly.

Have you ever noticed these differences in your attention?

Minotti Cristina

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