CHELAZIONE IN AUTUNNO: perchè proprio ora? Ecosalute


Michele Baggio , life coach and naturopath, explains why it is essential to carry out chelation precisely at the change of season to prepare the mind and body for winter.

The end of summer and the arrival of autumn gives us incredible displays of colour, even if their duration is gradually decreasing. So the days get shorter, the bright colors fade and the rhythms of nature begin to slow down , to move towards an "introspective" phase . A phase where conservation and optimization of the vital energy present can make the difference between a good winter and a less good one.

For years I always thought it was time to add, rather than optimize. If I put something useful into the midst of our vital energy, who knows what beautiful result will come out of it.

In recent years I have changed the way I act thanks to the observation of those in my areas who "stand behind the earth". I noticed how there is a phase of cleaning, of tidying up, as if the first action to be taken in the transition from hot to cold is to make room for something else.

I made another reflection on the constancy of this order. Those who always tidy up a little have less to do, while those who don't tidy up for long periods find themselves working more.

This is a reflection that I connect to summer , a period where too often we find ourselves experiencing "hyper" moments and not safeguarding our basic energy.

Chelation to create space

Chelation is an interesting tool in this period, because it is very connected to the action of tidying up , expelling something that is not functional for the period of life you are facing. The moment I activate a chelation process, I create new space and in that space it will be more functional to add what is most useful to its terrain.

The choice is a totally customizable choice, each of us is different as we know.

The first awareness reflection that could be put into play concerns a question: " What summer did I spend ?"

Vices, excessive vices, exaggerated quantities of food, alcohol and spirits have a convivial function, but they always leave a legacy. With awareness we should get used to thinking of our well-being as a continuous action, not as an action that I bring into play in case of need .

Through chelation we can expel heavy metals, chemical pollutants and toxins, among others.

This action, as well as helping to prepare the personal "terrain" for the arrival of winter , intervenes with excellent results on problems such as: irritability and mood instability; depression; headache; tremors; memory loss; metallic taste in the mouth; reduced vision and lowered immune defenses .

Ecosalute offers natural chelation products:

ZEOLITE : perhaps among the most famous in the last 5/10 years, Zeolite is recognized as a medical device, which is why following the instructions of the relevant professional is important. Technically it helps remove harmful and toxic substances in the gastrointestinal tract , counteracting their absorption by the body and promoting detoxification.

It should be remembered that zeolites are a group of minerals of volcanic origin with a complex crystalline structure, with a negative magnetic charge that strongly attracts metals and toxins, incorporating them.

CHLORELLA ALGAE : medicinal tincture based on Chlorella Algae , an algae very rich in chlorophyll. With its peculiarities (it contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals) it is an excellent chelator for heavy metals . It should not be used with anticoagulant drug therapies.

Excellent in synergy with the medicinal tincture Coriander .

CORIANDER OFFICINAL TINCTURE : Chinese coriander, also known in this declination, is a plant capable of contributing to the chelation of heavy metals and the functionality of the gastrointestinal system . It also helps those with digestive difficulties, as well as being useful for carbohydrate metabolism .

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I also remember that integration must always be shared and planned with suitable professional figures and that one's state of health must always be put in the foreground and reported to them.