Cream with a light texture with an exotic scent of Mango and Papaya that has a slimming and draining action.

Enriched with Avocado with moisturizing and nourishing properties rich in Omega-3, Vitamin A and Vitamin E for an antioxidant action.

The chilli pepper inside gives a pleasant sensation of warmth useful for improving the microcirculation of the legs and for those who also like that of the arms or belly. It also helps fight free radicals keeping the skin young .

The Cream against Blemishes also contains Caffeine and Centella asiatica extract which perform a vasodilating action that allows better drainage of liquids. Caffeine in particular counteracts the formation of fatty tissue deposits that cause cellulite.

The ingredients present dissolve the sketches responsible for the annoying orange peel.

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How to apply it?

Apply a good amount of product daily to the areas you want to treat such as thighs , buttocks , stomach or arms . Thoroughly massage the product until completely absorbed .

1. Take a small amount of product and slightly undermine it before applying it.

2. Apply it with a constant massage with circular movements , starting from the bottom up.

3. Once you reach the height of the thigh , massage with the palms wide open with more energy than that applied in the calf area

4. Massage the inner thigh with more gentle circular movements up to the groin

5. Back to massage firmly in the buttocks and hips area : from the buttocks by lightly "pinching" the skin between the fingers

6. Massage the belly with the palms of the hand

It would be preferable to apply it twice a day.

At the end of the application you will feel a sensation of heat which will confirm the action of the product.