Cellulite derives from a degenerative disorder of the subcutaneous adipose tissue.


The causes of cellulite are different and can relate to hormonal alterations, water retention , overweight , stress or liver disease .

Lifestyle also affects, in fact, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can contribute to the development of cellulite.

Despite this, there is no need to despair if despite the strict diet and hard training you have some cellulite. There are, in fact, some subjects who, due to genetic factors, are more prone to the development of cellulite and water retention .

The mechanism of cellulite formation is therefore very complex and not entirely clear, so it's time to start accepting it without blaming yourself too much.

There are some small steps that can be taken into consideration to reduce its development or prevent it.

1. Improve nutrition

Give preference to seasonal fruit and vegetables, avoiding carbonated drinks and reducing the amount of alcohol. A healthy and balanced diet allows you to keep the formation of cellulite under control.

2. Hydrate

Hydration is essential to eliminate all the toxins that the body accumulates over time. Prefer still water over sparkling water and set the canonical 2 liters as a daily goal.

3. Supplements

Horse chestnut , blueberry and butcher's broom are excellent allies to facilitate the drainage of liquids and counteract cellulite. With phlebotonic properties that make it particularly suitable for venous problems : it promotes the tone of the venous wall, supports blood circulation and reduces stasis , facilitating venous return.

4. Constant physical activity

It is not necessary to carry out intense physical activity , but regular and constant activity will allow you to obtain benefits. Sport becomes a real natural pump that allows blood to circulate in a simpler and more fluid way. Following sports activity, to bring benefit and relief to the legs, apply the Anti- Fatigue Cream based on Avocado and Menthol.

5. Epsom salts

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with Epsom salts inside that allow the drainage of liquids and complete relaxation of the body. Thanks to the presence of magnesium, it benefits the skeletal muscle by reducing edema.

6. Anti-cellulite massages

Invasive treatment that acts on excess fluids by promoting their elimination , drainage, and improve the presence of oxygen in muscle tissue . it is good to rely on experts who can awaken the lymphatic circulation without avoiding rupture of capillaries . To increase the effectiveness of the massage, apply the Avocado and Chilli Pepper-based Anti-Blemish Cream .

7. Exfoliation

To improve the appearance of cellulite, a Body Scrub can be carried out in order to eliminate dead cells and smooth the skin by making it uniform. You can also take advantage of the application of the Scrub to carry out a do-it-yourself draining massage.

8. Avoid wearing high heels all the time

Heels hinder venous return, as well as compromise posture . They promote the stagnation of fluids and blood which contribute to the formation of cellulite.

9. Legs crossed

Crossing the legs slows down the blood flow, hindering the flow of blood from the feet to the pelvis. It is essential to change position often to facilitate drainage and microcirculation.

10. Love and accept yourself