Over time, the skin undergoes skin aging processes : the first wrinkles begin to appear, the skin loses its elasticity and tone .

In case of more or less deep wrinkles you should be careful to spread the cream in the opposite direction to their inclination but above all ... don't forget the cleavage !

Daily use of the cream allows you to hydrate and plump the area, minimizing wrinkles and expression lines.

The anti-aging pomegranate face cream with a light texture and a delicate lifting effect , will be your daily pampering with a light coconut scent. In addition, it is enriched with hydrolyzed Red Algae extract, an exceptional ingredient that helps prevent and reduce the formation of fine lines and expression lines.

It is also useful in cases of hyperpigmentation that can occur with advancing age, the skin machines are more pigmented areas of the face that make the face appear more tired and old.


  • Pomegranate Extract: rich in anthocyanins and vitamins C and A , it is perfect for supporting the microcirculation while maintaining the tone of the tissues. The presence of punicic and ellagic acid also has a moisturizing action on the epidermis and promotes the synthesis of elastin , essential for keeping it firm and compact.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: organic acid, which by retaining moisture, is able to exert its action on skin levels: in depth it returns volume to the skin by plumping it, while the superficial layer of the skin is softer and more elastic .
  • Red Algae: Improves skin hydration and the ability to look healthy , as it is also a source of antioxidants . Several studies have shown that it helps compensate for the oxidative damage triggered by exposure to UVB light.
  • Sweet almond oil: vegetable oil extracted from the cold pressing of sweet almonds, rich in fatty acids , vitamins and mineral salts . It has emollient , moisturizing and firming properties.

How to use:

Apply a small amount of product on the palms to warm it. Gently massage with light strokes on the cheeks, forehead and chin on the previously cleansed face.

For an optimal result it is advisable to apply the cream both in the morning and in the evening.

For a complete beauty routine follow the following steps: