We have no escape: winter is coming or as some would say

" Winter is coming"

We just have to prepare the body for the arrival of the cold season.

But how to do it?

1. DETOX: To prepare the organism it is necessary to purify it of toxins , ie substances that tend to accumulate in the organism. Purification can be carried out with natural ingredients such as: Cardo , Fumaria , Burdock and Goldenrod .

2. VITAMINS AND MINERAL SALTS: essential for strengthening the immune defenses . Rich in antioxidants , they help prevent seasonal ailments. The ideal would be to consume 5 servings a day of fruit and vegetables (e.g. kiwi, oranges, peppers, spinach) to get the right amount of vitamin C

3. PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS: seasonal changes can alter the bacterial flora , so it is necessary to keep it in balance . Prebiotics are good bacteria that colonize the intestine protecting it from pathogens, while Probiotics are a mixture of foods capable of feeding good bacteria.

4. FACE CREAM: A good Moisturizing Face Cream rich in active ingredients acts as a physical barrier against external agents that put a strain on the skin of the face. With the cold, the skin tends to thin and dry out as well as become more vulnerable .

5. HAND CREAM: useful for those who love gloves and essential for those who hate them. Thanks to the presence of vegetable butters , propolis and hyaluronic acid , the Hand Cream repairs the damage caused by the cold and prevents cracking .

6. SPORT: doing sport allows you to keep your body and mind healthy, improves the immune system and eliminates toxins through sweating.

7. HYDRATION: Fundamental for physical well-being all year round, in winter it tends to be underestimated. There are many activities that are carried out daily that lead to a reduction in water such as intense workloads, stress and dry air. From now on you can go back to integrating the water with tasty herbal teas or infusions.

8. CALMING MASK: Give a pampering to the face after thermal changes, wind and dry air with simple natural ingredients such as honey, coffee, yogurt and olive oil that bring an immediate state of comfort to the face.