The term cellulite literally means "inflammation of the cell". In reality it is not an inflammatory process but, rather, the consequence of a degeneration process of the microcirculation of adipose tissues.

The more correct term is " panniculopathy-edematous-fibro-sclerotic ".

It affects about 80-90% of female subjects. It is located in some regions of the body (thighs, buttocks and hips), which are particularly sensitive to the action of female hormones (estrogen) which tend to retain excess fluids and accumulate fat. The fat cells increase in volume and retain fluids, while the metabolism between the intercellular spaces (blood and peripheral lymphatic microcirculation) proceeds with difficulty. Failure to drain fluids therefore leads to water retention and a local inflammatory process.

Stages of cellulite:

1st stage - The dermis loses part of its elasticity due to the presence of an edema (fluid retention) due to an alteration of the turnover.

2nd stage - The skin is lighter, colder and less sensitive to touch. It loses further softness and elasticity. The reticular fibrils, which surround the fat deposits (adipocytes), hypertrophy (increase in number and thickness). Blood microcirculation becomes difficult.

3rd stage - Fibrous phase where the exchange of nutrients (metabolism) and the removal of cellular waste substances (catabolism) present considerable difficulties due to the formation of micro-nodules incorporated within collagen fibrils. The connective tissue that holds cells and tissues together becomes sclerotic, that is, it is no longer adequately supplied and nourished. Pain to touch and unsightly "orange peel" skin appear.


  • On which it is not possible to intervene , in fact there is one familial genetic predisposition (constitutional, hormonal and vascular).
  • On which it is possible to intervene, such as bad eating habits , intestinal disorders (constipation), taking medications (cortisone and contraceptives), smoke , alcohol , overweight , sedentary lifestyle , stress , clothing too tight And incorrect postures (standing or crossing legs for too long).


1. Alkalizers: with the complete line Alkavita® (Drops + Basic + Calcium) an alkaline / basic effect is obtained on the organism, counteracting the acid pH of the metabolic waste that cause the unsightly "pads".

2. Draining Substances: there Bromelain Pineapple is particularly recommended in the presence of edema, inflammation and painful nodules. It favors the drainage of liquids (for the expulsion of metabolic waste) and cicatrization, it also has an anti-inflammatory action.

3. Lipolytic substances: the Kelp Seaweed , thanks to the organic iodine, acts by stimulating the enzymatic action and the mobilization of fats. Promotes circulation and elimination of liquids and waste (pay attention in case of thyroid malfunction). There Rhodiola it is able to free the tissues from fat deposits and transform them into an easily "burnable" substance by the body to obtain energy.


  • Counteract constipation: it is a problem related to cellulite. When you suffer from constipation, the body is forced to retain toxic waste. Constipation, therefore, in addition to being an annoying disorder, is also often responsible for the formation of adipose panniculi.
  • Sport: pay more attention to one healthy lifestyle , which includes a correct one physical exercise based on running, swimming, walking or cycling. Excellent results are already obtained with fast daily 20-minute walks, effective only if daily and continuous.
  • Clothing: it can be useful to use orthotics or of elastic stockings graduated compression.
  • Diet: switch to a diet rich in fiber (fruit and vegetables) and low in salt, sugar and carbohydrates. Drinking 2 liters of water per day, but that has a low fixed residue and is low in sodium. The use of any supplement is secondary to a balanced diet.