How many pancakes and chatter did you eat?

We know, carnival is a real daily temptation, even though it only happens once a year and what do you do, do you deprive yourself of it?

If you've indulged in something, we can turn a blind eye but know that your cholesterol won't do the same.

The chatter

The classic chiacchiere recipe is high-calorie , whose caloric intake depends on fats , carbohydrates and finally proteins.

The chiacchiere are not easily digestible foods, they are rich in butter which contributes to the increase in the percentage of saturated fatty acids, but all the other fats present are unsaturated in nature.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat naturally present in the blood which is synthesized by the body and partly ingested through diet. "Normal" quantities of this fat contribute to the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system, while an excess of it can cause negative effects on the body.

Olealipid is a supplement based on Olecol® , Hibiscus and Fenugreek , specifically formulated and designed to act 360° on cardiovascular well-being .

But what is Olecol® ?

It is a natural olive leaf extract, highly bioavailable, used for its high oleuropein content. Oleuropein is a phenolic compound very abundant in leaves which is transformed in the body into hydroxytyrosol .

The action of this compound allows you to:

  • Maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Maintain normal triglyceride levels
  • Prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol

Other ingredients:

  • Olive tree : contributes to normal blood circulation and the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids .
  • Hibiscus : has positive effects on high blood pressure , LDL cholesterol levels (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides . In fact, it helps circulation and the well-being of blood vessels .
  • Fenugreek : ability to reduce the level of sugar present in the blood. Contains an abundant quantity of the amino acid isoleucine . According to research, this amino acid exerts a protective effect on the liver and stimulates the production of insulin .

In combination with Olealipid , for its synergistic effect, it is possible to use VITAQUORE in the special formula which sees Coenzyme Q10 combined with zinc, hawthorn and pine which, in addition to carrying out an antioxidant activity , help the functionality of the cardiovascular system and the regularity of blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10 is present in all the cells of our body. It is very important for the production of ATP, the energy molecule par excellence. Therefore, it is particularly concentrated at the cardiac level , where a large amount of energy is needed and is essential to guarantee the functionality of our heart. The production of Coenzyme Q10 tends to decrease with aging, therefore its integration is advisable.