DIECOSAL is the new brand created for the well-being and beauty of the female universe . This is a real one a hymn to the women to whom the name of the line was dedicated, which stands for Donne di Ecosalute .

In fact, the inspiration that gave life to the project was born from daily listening to the needs of all the women who became part of the Ecosalute world , who were able to tell us their desires and needs .

In fact, it was the most loyal customers who over time became real friends. Thanks to them, we have collected numerous ideas for the development of innovative and cutting-edge products.

DIECOSAL aims to accompany each woman in every phase of her life, helping her find balance, harmony and awareness.

Integration becomes a daily action to give yourself attention and for your own psychophysical well-being.


We tested for months until we found the perfect synergy of active ingredients , innovative and exclusive formulas capable of releasing all the benefits that nature is able to offer.


In the choice of materials, we opted for amber glass with a quality seal to best preserve and conserve the purity of the ingredients , protecting them from light and heat.

The labels are a hymn to femininity, they express: the tenacity , courage , passion and strength of every woman .


NormalPausa is the ally for living the menopause period with harmony and serenity , a very intimate and personal phase. Based on Sage, Hops, Magnolia and Kudzu it reduces the symptoms of menopause and promotes physiological relaxation , it is also enriched with Vitamin D to ensure the correct absorption of calcium and phosphorus.


PesoSnell reduces the feeling of hunger and accelerates the metabolism by slowing down the absorption of lipids . Associated with correct nutrition and sporting activity, it allows you to eliminate body fat thanks to the presence of green tea and fucus.


PesoDren reduces cellulite and the water retention thanks to a powerful synergy of active ingredients. The centella and bromelain inside it promote the microcirculation by eliminating swelling and heaviness .

Hair & nails

Based on molecules which are structural components of nails and hair . The integration allows you to act from the inside for stronger, brighter and healthier nails and hair.


And you, what color are you?

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