Olio di cocco contro i capelli spenti e sfibrati Ecosalute

Coconut oil against dull and brittle hair

Coconut oil is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics thanks to its high quantity of lauric acid which gives it moisturizing and emollient properties, ideal for dry and dull hair.

This oil is obtained by cold pressing both fresh coconut pulp and sun dried pulp. AND a stable oil and for this reason it does not go rancid easily as well as absorb quickly .

Coconut oil is composed of 50% lauric acid , about 20% mystyric acid , 10% palmitic acid , 7% caprylic acid and the remainder of capric acid . It has a white color and is odorless.

Thanks to its emollient properties it is excellent for dry and dehydrated and sensitive skin, but also for hair by deeply nourishing and softening the cuticle it is in fact ideal for hair with split ends and lacking in volume.

The conditioner can be applied on the lengths and left to act for a few minutes even before washing , it is an ingredient loved by those with brittle and dry hair.

Hair mask:

An excellent alternative is to make up a DIY hair mask with avocado and coconut oil :

1. Dig the avocado to get the pulp

2. A tablespoon of coconut oil

3. Two tablespoons of almond milk

Mix all the ingredients and apply on the hair, then rinse with warm water and continue with the Shampoo.

At about 25 ° C Coconut oil is solid, so if it has to be mixed with other components, it must be dissolved in a saucepan of hot water.

Against lice:

Coconut oil is also an excellent ingredient to fight lice, it can in fact be mixed with Neem oil and a few dropsof lavender oil .