Image consultant Cécile Rose explains what Color Color is and its relationship to tanning, and what season are you?

Can tanning affect the color scheme?

The 883s sang in 2001 and as the title suggests '' The long hot summer '', temperatures are rising and you can already see the first tans around even though it is still spring. Many people expose themselves to the first rays of the sun to have a tan that lasts throughout the long hot summer.

Can tanning affect the color scheme?

The doctrine of Armocromia ( color analysis , which is based on recognizing the chromatic characteristics of a person and then repeating them in what he wears: clothes , make-up , hair style ) has been cleared. The tan darkens the complexion , some people they tend to become more golden , others instead more '' black '' or '' terracotta color ' '.

It is certainly not a question of feeling you have with the sun or our determination to brown but it is a question of phototype and the mix of melanin and carotene present in our complexion that depends on the chromatic gradation .

But let's get back to the main question, if the tan affects the Armchromia and the answer is NO . After the Armocromia session, we discover which range of colors is best enhancing for our complexion and this palette is mainly determined by the color of the undertone (skin temperature) and by the chromatic intensity . These two factors do not change with tanning so our color palette does not change. Of course, with a tan we see ourselves different but the temperature of our skin will always remain hot or cold even if tanned. With a correct exposure we will certainly be able to push ourselves towards a border season or subgroup and draw on a few more colors than when you do not have tanned skin, but we will never change the chromatic niche of reference .

Let's take a closer look at the various color shades of the tan and what seasons they belong to.

The typical tans of a Winter are quite heterogeneous where you go from very dark tans to complexions that redden easily .

The Spring can reach a golden color (with a lot of patience) without ever reaching particularly intense and bright tan peaks . As for the tans of Autumn people, they are those who already maintain an amber color all year round and when they are exposed they become very dark without getting burned .

The Summer tan is a light browning that arrives at the end of summer with loud and repeated sunburns.

Surely by reading this article you will have made some assumptions about your season of belonging or that of a loved one, so now is the time to discover it for sure so as to identify the colors that best emphasize your complexion. The Color Analysis is the first step of the Image Consultancy and can be done by an Expert Consultant only live and on a face without make-up and not tanned , in conditions of natural light (I always recommend performing the color analysis on non-tanned skins). tan because it helps to capture the undertone, the real value and above all the contrast without delay without the influence of the tan). The only side effect of Armocromia is that it is addictive , you will feel the irrepressible urge to apply it everywhere , even when furnishing your home as well as guessing the season of your friends' belonging.

Also last but not least, anyone can undergo the Armocromia session, there is no sex and no age . "Seeing yourself better" makes us feel better. Reorganizing your makeup set , wardrobe and your purchases based on the Color Color allows you to create a unique , personal and enhancing style and to save a lot of time and money in the future! Color analysis is not just an aesthetic matter but a true philosophy of life , in addition to illuminating the complexion , it refreshes the image and its communicative power.

Cécile Rose ,
born in 1991, Capricorn style and color witch .

I studied at the Italian Image Institute of Rossella Migliaccio and I am a consultant of Armocromia and make-up artist . The colors are the result of a careful introspection and common thread of all my greatest passions such as fashion, art , painting and design . I have an artistic background , after high school I graduated in Visual Communication Art Direction . I dedicate myself every day to the search for all those components that can enrich my beauty aesthetics . My passions are my energy and my main sources of inspiration such as flowers , plants , antiques , vintage and all shades of art . Cécile Rose , was born from my uncontrollable love for French style and from an imaginary world that binds me to the south of France with its colors and scents , the atmosphere that Provence emanates and that Romanticism that makes me dream so much. Among the many things, Rosa , is my mother's middle name and it seems right to give her the right importance since she has always worked as a number one fan in my artistic and pictorial paths. I love the French style because it reflects me a lot, that is simplicity in lines , colors and shapes. I prefer a minimal look but with the addition of some refined pieces , I love vintage and I think that the key to contemporary femininity is a fair compromise with some men's garments, such as outerwear and sweaters. I always seek uniqueness and affinity to stand out from the crowd, looking for their own stylistic code in each one to fight once and for all the dictatorship of black, homologation and flattening. Must Have? The lipstick . Also inevitable under the mask, it makes me feel beautiful and determined , ready to face the day and reminds me not to binge on food, but to prefer snacks or small and light things that do not ruin it ;-)

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