The anniversary of Mother's Day generally falls on the second Sunday of May.

This festival dates back to Roman times where female deities and fertility were celebrated in the fifth month of the year.

In 1908 Anna M. Jarvis in May celebrated her deceased mother, a pacifist activist and from here was born the Mother's Days , which had a white carnation as a symbol.

The idea of ​​this day was so appreciated that in 1914 Wilson decided to make it official and make it a day symbol of love and gratitude, even other countries began to celebrate it.

Gift ideas for mom:

1. Handwritten letter

There is nothing better than a beautiful handwritten letter . The emotions that are realized through a pen are always well appreciated and of strong impact.

The letters have no age, they will always remain a good memory to reread and above all, they remain over time .

2. Kit for the well-being of the skin

Taking care of yourself is essential and should never be taken for granted. Give your mom a pomegranate cuddle . The Hydra H24 Box is composed of two face creams : a Moisturizer to protect the skin during the day and the Antiage Cream to nourish the skin during the night's rest .

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3. A painting

Drawing takes time and patience : it doesn't matter that you are the Picasso 2.0 or that you can barely draw a tree with a few flowers. The time you dedicate to your artwork will surely be appreciated!

It is also a great idea to involve children .

4. A dessert

What's better than going home and smelling a freshly baked cake? Maybe you can make Mom's favorite dessert and accompany it on a birthday card .

Here are some recipes:

5. Album of memories

Remembering the moments we spent together is a good way to relive them, even if for a few minutes.

Collect all the photos you are most attached to and build a memory album: to personalize it even more, write a few words behind each photo that reminds you of that particular moment during the shot, give space to creativity!

6. Kit for gardening

For nature lovers (and especially for mothers who have green fingers) a nice kit for gardening would be ideal, perhaps with some tools that they do not yet have or opt for some seeds to plant .

7. Original vase

For an original and always welcome idea . You can insert a fake or a real one, you choose.

8. Wildflowers

If your budget is limited you can always take advantage of what nature offers you such as wildflowers.

Tie them with a colored ribbon and you will see that they look great!

9. Sacchetti perfumes environments

Choose your favorite components and assemble the bag for his closet.

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10. Spice kit

For cooking-loving moms, you can gift a self-made spice kit . Buy her favorite spices and glass containers , decorate them however you like.

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