The circulatory system is made up of a dense network of vessels in which blood flows, a real hydraulic complex that transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Thanks to this system, oxygen-rich blood is pumped from the heart through the arteries, thus conveying this essential gas to the tissues; the arteries are subdivided into branches of ever smaller diameter, called arterial arterioles and capillaries. At the level of the latter there is a double exchange with the cells: the blood releases oxygen and nutrients and is "charged" with carbon dioxide and waste substances from cellular metabolism, and then returns to the heart following a diametrically opposite path: it flows first in microscopic blood vessels, called venous capillaries, and later in the veins.

Poor circulation is unfortunately a common problem for many, especially women and those who spend many hours in a static position.

Water retention , edema, swelling of the lower limbs, capillary fragility and varicose veins are just some of the signs that can be noticed when the blood does not flow correctly inside the vessels or there are problems affecting the walls of these.

Today, however, there are highly effective remedies capable of combating these disorders before they become chronic; the important thing is to first correct the triggering causes, which mainly include a too sedentary lifestyle, situations of high psycho-psychophysical stress and psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety, alcohol abuse and incorrect nutrition.

What are the symptoms of poor circulation?

  • Swelling of the lower limbs (the result of excessive fluid retention and therefore poor blood and lymphatic circulation; the skin is tight and, if this occurs in the legs , they are heavy, swollen and painful ).
  • Varicose veins : malfunctions of the valves that ensure the unidirectional flow inside the veins can generate stagnation in the vessels and this creates thickening visible even to the naked eye, called varicose veins.
  • Nail and hair fragility , as an inadequate blood supply to these structures of the body causes a specific nutrient deficiency which leads to hair and nails falling and flaking.
  • Capillary fragility : due to a weakening of the blood vessel walls, especially at the capillary level, rupture can occur with consequent localized effusion of a small amount of blood (the microscopic red branches that can be seen on the skin and commonly called " broken capillaries "). If you intervene promptly there is a good chance that the condition is not permanent, but the best strategy is always to prevent.

Fortunately, today there are products that naturally promote circulatory well -being, using ingredients such as red vine, blueberry, butcher's broom, horse chestnut, grapefruit and hawthorn.

The first ingredients are available in the phytotherapeutic synergy Healthy Legs , particularly useful for those suffering from poor circulation in the lower limbs and for those who notice an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs, but which can also bring great benefit to those suffering from capillary fragility (with visible capillaries) or to those who simply want to keep their circulatory system in good health.

The red vine is ideal for counteracting capillary fragility, thanks to the high concentration of antioxidant flavonoids. It reduces the permeability of the vessel walls and improves their resistance and elasticity; butcher's broom is a powerful vasoprotective and diuretic, useful for counteracting the typical symptoms of venous insufficiency, tingling in the lower limbs and sensations of heaviness. Bilberry also contributes to improving the condition of capillary walls and blood vessels in general, thanks to its protective action at the arteriovenous level on endothelial cells (the innermost cells of the blood vessel wall). Horse chestnut , on the other hand, has an effective draining action that helps to deflate and lighten the lower limbs, while supporting the microcirculation. It is no coincidence that it is also widely used in anti-cellulite treatments (one of the primary causes of cellulite is in fact poor circulation, with consequent accumulation of liquids).

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Grapefruit Seed Extract in Juice , too, with its high content of vitamin C , is a valid antioxidant and effectively prevents aging and cellular weakening of the blood vessel wall, strengthening the veins and especially the capillaries. In addition, grapefruit simultaneously exerts a slight draining action.

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Ingredients such as coenzyme Q10 , hawthorn , pine and zinc, especially if used in combination as in the Vitaquore10 synergy, favor the good oxygenation of the heart cells while helping to regulate their functionality.

The hawthorn contained in this special formula in addition to regulating blood pressure also exerts a relaxing effect, useful for counteracting palpitations due to anxiety and agitation.

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