When do we talk about acidosis?

We speak of acidosis when there is an accumulation of acidic substances in our body and the pH of the blood falls below the value of 7.35. The pH at these values ​​varies the normal acid-base balance. This is maintained by the buffer systems, lung activity and renal activity.

When this balance does not exist, fatigue, intolerance, difficulty concentrating, headaches, nausea, bone decalcification, fast or labored breathing and water retention may appear.


The main causes of acidosis are the following:

  • Acidifying diet: intake of acidic foods such as junk food, frying, alcohol, caffeine or the incorrect pairing of certain foods. Also an excess of packaged or sweet foods and in particular baked goods such as: bread, pizza and pastries. White sugar and flour deprived of its part of fiber remain highly acidifying foods and for this reason its use should be limited.
  • Stress: it is one of the main causes; whereas stress produces a lowering of the immune defenses and interferes with the progress of many processes within the body and the activity of organs and systems.
  • Lack of exercise: if it is not practiced regularly, the body struggles to expel the toxins that accumulate in the organs.


As already said, an initial step to take to prevent the onset of acidosis and to re-establish an acid-base balance, nutrition is very important.

Some important tips are:

1) Eat more alkalizing foods, such as green leafy vegetables and reduce your intake of acidifying foods such as refined sugar, refined flours and animal derivatives.

2) Choose organic foods, especially as regards seasonal fruit and vegetables, for which it would be even better to choose locally.

3) When consuming acidifying foods alternate also eating alkalizing foods.

5) Take dietary supplements that contain alkaline minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium.

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