10 Curiosità sul Natale Ecosalute

10 Fun facts about Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for young and old , which brings with it many curiosities and traditions .

1. Where does the candy cane come from?

Candy cane is a candy cane typical of this period made with sugar, white and red in color. This candy dates back to the early twentieth century when a pastry chef decided to pay homage to Jesus with this cake, if the stick is in fact turned upside down it forms a J like Jesus .

2. The best known Christmas present

The most famous Christmas present was the Statue of Liberty , donated by the French to the Americans in 1833.

3. Jingle Bells was the first song sung in space

On December 16, 1965 , two astronauts, Schirra Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford, aboard the Gemini 6 spacecraft, completed the first ever docking in history to another spacecraft (the Gemini 7). During the docking they sang Jingle Bells at the control center.

4. Giotto painted the comet for the first time

Giotto was the first painter to have drawn the comet with a tail, moving away from the classic figure of the star with five points.

5. How was the panettone born?

Panettone is a " culinary mistake ". The term panettone derives from "Pan di Toni" because it was invented by Toni, an assistant cook of the Sforza family, who, after having burnt the dessert in the program, worked to find a substitute.

6. Where are the gifts left?

In Italy the gifts are left by Santa Claus under the Christmas tree , in France instead in the children's shoes.

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7. Where was the Nativity scene born?

The nativity scene was born 1223 thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi, who returned from Bethlehem, obtained permission to recreate the birth of the baby Jesus .

8. Gingerbread House

The origin of the houses dates back to the 19th century after the publication of the tale of Brothers Grimm Hänsel and Gretel, some pastry chefs decided to replicate the biscuits and sweets houses of the two protagonists.

9. Christmas decorations with cobwebs

In Ukraine , instead of Christmas lights and decorations , cobwebs are used to embellish the trees, as a symbol of luck.

10. Christmas in the sauna

In Estonia it is traditional to spend Christmas day in a sauna with friends and family.