ARGENTO COLLOIDALE: è arrivato il MAXI formato Ecosalute

COLLOIDAL SILVER: the MAXI format has arrived

Colloidal Silver Ionic is a completely natural antibacterial , formulated with patented equipment capable of obtaining a product of the highest quality .

Indicated to promote tissue regeneration with healing , antimicrobial and antifungal action.

Ecosilver colloidal silver is composed solely of silver is 99% pure with a concentration of 20ppm, in a solution that is defined colloidal because it is suspended in the bidistilled aqueous phase. Classified as ultra-fine silver due to the particle size less than <7 nm of which 90% <1 nm (referred to the fresh colloid).

It is obtained from a process that allows to reduce the silver molecules into small ions . Studies show that viruses , bacteria or yeasts have a very short life if silver is present on the surface.

By popular demand we have formulated Colloidal Silver in a maxi 500 mL format to be protected at all times and on any occasion .

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Colloidal Silver was used as a precursor of antibiotics due to its effectiveness against many infections. Since the 1970s, thanks to a contribution to develop new treatments for burn patients, silver was recognized for its ability to block the enzymes that allowed pathogens to survive.

Professor Becker had the merit of describing the various and different forms of use of this precious substance, which was also useful for tonsillitis , ear infections , conjunctivitis , vaginal infections , candidiasis and many other bacterial and viral diseases .


Colloidal silver is capable of:

  • promote healing . Particularly indicated in case of burns, injuries or wounds
  • soothe the itchy skin
  • carry out a bacteriostatic action . It can be used to disinfect the skin after being in public places (e.g. swimming pools)
  • clean the skin in depth , therefore useful in case of acne or seborrheic dermatitis

Colloidal silver is an excellent ally for disinfecting surfaces as well. I wait that with Covid it has been brought to the fore. In addition, it disinfects the skin while respecting its pH. After being on crowded buses , swimming pools , gyms or just shopping , you can opt for a few drops of silver to disinfect your hands.

How to use it?

Ionic colloidal silver can be applied either directly or vaporized on the affected area or buffered with the use of a gauze.

If you want to try using colloidal silver, you can opt for the 100ml bottle .