"The root of health is in the brain. Its trunk is in emotion. The branches and leaves are the body. The flower of health blooms when all parts work together."
(Kurdish proverb)


For the past 20 years Ecosalute has been dealing with people's health through the creation and distribution of food supplements And phytotherapeutic.

Our mission arises from attention to the person and his daily life, aware that the rhythms of life can cause stress , and sometimes physical and psychological discomfort, more and more frequently the diet no longer satisfies the needs of the organism due to excessive refining and impoverishment of the soil.
For these reasons we want to make our contribution where food does not reach, by proposing safe and quality nutrients.


Anticipating today's very current concepts, we have understood how the pH balance is the basis for a harmonious functioning of the whole organism. This is where the Linea was born Alkavita® , the distinctive brand of Ecosalute's “alkaline” vocation, consisting of Alkavita® Drops , Alkavita® Basic And Alkavita® Supergastro calcium mix , three specific products, based on alkaline minerals, for a targeted action.


The products are born from the desire to contribute to daily well-being of people, each of them is designed to give a direct response to a specific need through real results, perceptible by those who use them. We pay the utmost attention to health for this reason we turn to certified suppliers and all of our products are notified to Ministry of Health , which verifies compliance with current regulations.

We work in the field of natural well-being , which is why we support a lifestyle focused on the balance between the person and the world that surrounds it, keeping in the foreground the symbiosis that has always defined the relationship between man and nature, a relationship that is often forgotten or simply underestimated.

It is no coincidence that the products are conceived respecting the natural development and flowering of medicinal plants, and their intake is recommended in the seasons when the body supports their physiological action more.


We make use of the daily collaboration of health professionals such as doctors, naturopaths, and holistic practitioners . Together with them we study the real effectiveness of a product. 
There network of specialists that supports Ecosalute is growing and we are constantly looking for new collaborators with the constant aim of guaranteeing reference figures for those who come to us.

ECOSALUTE products are found in all PHARMACIES and PARAPHARMACIES in Italy, through the intermediate distributors of the drug, AVAILABILITY is guaranteed in 4 WORKING HOURS