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Sight is one of the five senses, along with touch, hearing, taste and smell; it is the sense responsible for the perception of visual stimuli. It allows to recognize shapes, reliefs, distance and colors of what is observed

The mechanism that allows vision is very complex. In order for the visual stimuli affecting the eyes to be correctly interpreted by the brain, it is necessary that, before reaching the retina, the light stimuli pass through the different transparent components that make up the eye (cornea, aqueous, crystalline and vitreous humor).

Vision defects are many: myopia (in which the vision is sharp up close and blurry and indistinct from a distance), hyperopia (the vision is blurry and from a close distance and sharper up close), astigmatism (the images are perceived deformed ), presbyopia (inability to focus on things at close range, usually occurring no earlier than the age of 45).

These disorders can only be remedied by contacting a good ophthalmologist, but for milder ailments such as tired eyes, slight visual impairment or blurred vision following study, reading or intense PC work, it is possible to resort to natural remedies that among their properties they have that of favoring the visual function.

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