These are sudden and sudden fluctuations in the mood, or in the way in which emotions are manifested ; in these cases a person can change mood at any moment and often even negative emotions occur at the same time as positive ones.

The causes can be the most varied; often these are derisory reasons . In other cases they may be due to an alteration of the hormonal system , with consequent emotional instability (for example pregnancy or menopause ), drugs that act at the nervous or hormonal level , presence of mental disorders, stress, fatigue, nervousness, trauma, environmental causes and particular conditions or life stages.

However, there are several natural substances that can counteract or decrease this type of manifestation, as they promote mental relaxation and increase the body's resistance to stress of various kinds.

To promote relaxation, Magnesium is an excellent mineral capable of reducing anxiety or severe stress.

Antistress Complex , Rhodiola and Linden are useful for maintaining normal mood, promoting physiological relaxation and reducing sudden mood swings .