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It is the psychic sensation perceived introspectively as well-being, serenity and tranquility.

The hectic pace of everyday life, stress , and difficult or unexpected situations can alter the psychic balance of a person, throwing him into a state of agitation that can manifest itself in various forms: panic attacks, sweat, anxiety, tremor and difficulty in breathing.

To prevent and counter these unpleasant manifestations, it is possible to resort to various remedies to bring the mind and body back to a relaxed state.

There are several techniques to achieve this state of mind, including: massage, meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, aromatherapy and music therapy.

It is possible to resort to the help of various natural extracts, in the form of supplements, to help the body better manage stress and regain psycho-physical balance. Among these, lime, verbena, tulsi, oats, chamomile, lavender and hops are useful.