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Dark circles appear as bluish-gray halos in the eye area . They usually appear as a result of sleep deprivation , but aging can also be one of the causes; it causes the thinning of the epidermis in this particularly delicate area, due to a lower production of collagen and elastin which are normally present in the dermis.

Family predisposition can also be one of the determining factors for the appearance of dark circles; in particular, those with a lighter complexion or thinner skin may have more obvious dark circles.

Water retention or dehydration are equally influential: fluid retention can cause dilation of blood vessels around the eyes. On the other hand, even a low intake of water during the day could make dark circles even more evident, due to the thinning of the skin .

What are the natural remedies for dark circles? First of all, ensure adequate rest and follow a balanced diet rich in foods containing antioxidants , which improve the state of blood vessels; Drinking plenty of water also helps, as it keeps the skin supple and hydrated . Furthermore, natural substances that favor the drainage of body fluids and the elimination of waste and toxins (such as Burdock , Sorrel , Nettle , Artichoke , Milk Thistle and Goldenrod ) are a valid ally to alleviate this ailment.

The  Pomegranate Eye Contour Serum  performs a filling and recompacting action thanks to the moisturizing active ingredients designed to counteract skin aging . The enzymes present in the Red Algae reduce swelling and reduce the typical color of dark circles .

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