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Sore throat is an acute inflammation of the oropharynx . It can depend on bacteria and viruses or be due to irritating physical phenomena; it is often accompanied by redness and other manifestations (e.g. flu symptoms , in the case of viral infections).

The first manifestations include swelling and a feeling of discomfort , which then progressively increases until it turns into pain, of the bottom of the palate, of the walls of the throat and pharynx .

The intensity of this disorder varies greatly from person to person. Sometimes even swallowing is difficult and there may be a decrease in the tone of voice . Sore throat is usually accompanied by redness, inflammation and, in cases where the sore throat is linked to flu and viral states, it can occur together with colds, headaches, sinusitis, otitis and fever .

Physical irritation phenomena include too hot food or drinks , inhalation of irritating vapors and an excessively dry environment .

Some natural substances such as Echinacea , Vitamin C , Grapefruit , Propolis and Colloidal Silver can be used in the treatment of throat affections, as they have an anti- inflammatory and antiseptic action for the mucous membranes and for the oral cavity in general.