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The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding are two delicate moments for the woman.

During these months the female body transforms and changes , which is why it is essential to give it the right attention.

The main components that the body needs in this phase are Iron and Folic Acid , present in Imunfer. The need for Iron , in fact, increases as this mineral contributes to the growth of maternal tissues.

Folic Acid , on the other hand, is a coenzyme responsible for many reactions and is not synthesized independently by the body, it must therefore be integrated. Furthermore, it is recommended to take it even before pregnancy for the reduction of neural tube defects in the unborn child.

Magnesium is also essential during these months, it is in fact useful for the functioning of the nervous and muscular system , allows the regulation of hormonal activity and reduces the feeling of tiredness and fatigue . In addition, Vitamin B6 reduces the feeling of nausea typical of this period.

Especially during pregnancy, the body changes and the skin must always be kept hydrated to ensure its elasticity. The application in the morning and in the evening of the Avocado Moisturizing Body Cream , allows to keep the skin elastic and toned, preventing stretch marks .

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