By bone fragility we mean a condition caused by a reduction in the mineral density of the bone and an alteration of the microscopic structure of the skeletal tissue , which becomes more fragile and more exposed to a risk of spontaneous fractures or minor trauma.

The most frequent sites of fragility fractures are the vertebral body (especially at the level of the dorsal-lumbar spine), the femur and the distal end of the radius; more rarely, fractures involve the proximal humerus, pelvis, proximal tibia and metatarsals.

This happens because there is an imbalance between the speed of production of new bone and its degradation by specific cells, called osteblasts and osteoclasts. Bone is degraded faster than it is synthesized and the equilibrium condition is altered, leading to structural changes that result in much less skeletal resistance to loads, stress and trauma.

The increase in skeletal fragility mainly affects elderly people (mainly women over 55), since the main causes include the drop in estrogen and hormones due to menopause and aging , which increases bone depletion.

Other triggers are also the lack of calcium and phosphorus (essential minerals to have compact and resistant bones) in the diet, or their poor absorption due to pathologies, use of certain drugs or abuse of drinks containing chelators such as alcohol, coffee and tea.

The deficiency of vitamin D , essential for the synthesis of hormones necessary for the deposition of calcium in the bones, has a significant impact on bone fragility . In the absence of the latter, even if the body receives an adequate supply ofcalcium and phosphorus , it will be difficult to use them to increase the mineral density of the skeleton.

Fortunately, there are several solutions and, in addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle and reducing the risk factors that could expose you to fractures and trauma , it is possible to implement effective prevention from the food point of view by ensuring an adequate supply of the nutrients necessary for metabolism. bone if they are deficient in the daily diet.

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