Nervous hunger is a common term for what scholars of eating behavior define EMOTIONAL EATING: it is a phenomenon caused by an impulse that leads to compulsive eating .

It is a non-physiological hunger but due to “nervous”, ie psychic, mechanisms. It is usually characterized by emotional states such as sadness, anger, discomfort due to work or private difficulties. Nervousness manifests itself with a sort of voracity , of exaggeration in the quantity and quality of the foods ingested: when this type of hunger arrives, one does not simply tend to eat, but "binge".

To get rid of it it is first of all necessary to find the psychic origin, without wanting to seek external causes and remedies at any cost; Some natural products, containing plant extracts capable of acting on physical and mental well -being and metabolism (such as Rhodiola, Centella asiatica, Lavender, Chamomile, Aswaghanda and Valerian ) can help.