DISBIOSI Ecosalute


Dysbiosis consists in an alteration of the bacterial flora that lives inside the intestine , also called intestinal microbiota; it can cause a series of symptoms not only in the intestine but also outside the intestine; for example swelling, constipation, diarrhea, reduced strength, widespread malaise , up to frequent cystitis and vaginal candidiasis in women.

Any change (called dysbiosis) in the balance of the intestinal bacterial population negatively affects the general state of health . The alteration of the microflora, therefore, causes an anomaly and a reduction in the body's defenses .

The causes are various and all linked to lifestyle, especially food: stressful rhythms, a diet rich in refined foods and low in fiber (fruit and vegetables), antibiotic therapies, bacterial and viral intestinal infections , heavy metal intoxication.

Another cause is the lack of physical activity: a sedentary lifestyle , in fact, negatively affects the composition of the microbiome. Even drugs can greatly affect our microbiota, as they kill both the bacteria responsible for the disease and the "good" bacteria that live with us in the body.

In these cases, products based on insoluble vegetable fibers , prebiotics and / or probiotics can prove to be the ideal allies for restoring a correct and balanced intestinal flora.


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