Irritable colon is a condition characterized by hypersensitivity of the intestinal wall , which reacts with various phenomena such as spasms, bloating, pain, bloating and heaviness, constipation or dysentery following the ingestion of foods normally consumed.

Foods that we consume today without having any problems later can trigger an adverse reaction only a few days later.

The causes can be various and are still under study; it is certain, however, that a correction of the diet can be of enormous benefit. In fact, it is advisable to pay attention if certain ailments occur after consuming a particular food or combination of foods, and try to avoid them.

A light diet , low in refined carbohydrates , sweets and proteins , which tend to ferment inside the intestine, is useful for alleviating certain manifestations. Even taking certain foods known for their beneficial action on the gastrointestinal system, such as fennel, can prove to be an effective natural remedy to counteract irritable bowel disorders.