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Acidosis is the excessive accumulation of acids and toxins in the blood and tissues . The acid-base balance within our body is unbalanced towards acidity, due to the continuous production of acid metabolic waste by our body. It would be desirable to have an alkaline pH , i.e. a pH value slightly above 7.

Stress and poor diet are the main causes of acidosis; if we do not maintain adequate pH levels, imbalances will be created within the organism.

In fact, if the blood has too high acidity values, the body automatically tries to restore balance by taking calcium (alkaline mineral) from the blood vessel wall. With the aggravation of the state of acidosis, the calcium present in the blood vessels
will no longer be enough and the mineral will be taken directly from the bones ,
generating bone fragility . In addition, to counteract the acid , more body fat will be accumulated with the consequent risk of being overweight.

Some of the most common symptoms of acidosis are: stomach acid, bone fragility, digestive difficulties, body fat, bad mood and nervousness .

This is why it is important to re-establish the correct acid-base balance as a prerequisite for vibrant health.

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