Digestion and feeding in quarantine seems to be a problem for many who very often try their hand at preparing recipes, from pizza to desserts.

In short, an unusual opportunity to rediscover the pleasures of cooking at the expense of the stomach and intestines that ask for a little respite.

When we eat too much and too heavy for several consecutive days, our body begins to suffer and digestion becomes difficult.

Burning, abdominal pain, heaviness, bloating are just some of the symptoms related to poor digestion.

Poor digestion is triggered not only by overly abundant meals but also by what you eat: foods rich in fats and proteins, elaborate preparations that involve the simultaneous use of many ingredients, heavy cooking such as frying or roasting, an excess of sweets and carbohydrates. If we add up the little movement and the sedentary style, the damage is done!

Let's help ourselves with natural products: the officinal tincture based on " FENNEL " and ZENZIMIX.

Fennel is known for its beneficial properties on digestive activity, in fact since ancient times some of its parts such as leaves, fruit and root were used for the preparation of herbal teas and decoctions.

Fennel is also known for its ability to regulate intestinal motility and promote the elimination of gas.
Despite being a simple vegetable, its benefits are valuable. In fact, it promotes the drainage of body fluids, helps to counteract cycle disorders and ensures greater fluidity of bronchial secretions.

What if you belong to the category of those who have exaggerated but only on certain days?

For an emergency use we recommend " ZENZIMIX " a food supplement based on a special blend of digestive enzymes and plant extracts such as Gentian, Boldo and Ginger which support the digestive processes.

Digestive enzymes ensure the breakdown, absorption and assimilation of nutritional principles and essential cofactors such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In our blend the action of digestive enzymes is enhanced by the presence of:

  • Gentian : promotes digestive and liver function and promotes the elimination of intestinal gas.
  • Boldo : supports digestive and liver function. Promotes the drainage of body fluids and the regularity of intestinal transit.
  • Ginger : able to promote digestive function and regulate gastrointestinal motility. In addition, it ensures the elimination of gases and effectively counteracts nausea.