In summer, this small insect's sting can become annoying.

Summer brings the warm season, dinners and lunches in the open air with family and friends, uncovered skin that enjoys the benefits of the sun's rays….

But it also brings annoying mosquitoes, ready and very fast to bite and in no time at all we find ourselves full of swollen red spots that cause a lot of discomfort and prevent us from enjoying being outdoors.

But we can use different essential oils against mosquitoes. Let's see which ones.

Lemongrass essential oil : obtained from Cymbopogon nardus, a plant of the Poaceae family. It has a powerful repellent effect and for this reason it is the most used remedy against mosquitoes. Extracted from the leaves, it has a citrusy and particularly woody note. It can also be used to keep moths away from cabinets and drawers by putting a few drops on a cotton ball.

Lavender essential oil : obtained from the leaves and flowers of Lavandula hybrida. It has a particularly delicate and flowery scent. Excellent both for warding off insects and, for its soothing properties, to relieve insect bites.

Eucalyptus essential oil : it is an oil with a balsamic and refreshing scent. The essential oil keeps insects away when used in diffusion. It not only repels mosquitoes but insects in general and at the same time purifies the air.

Geranium essential oil : extracted from leaves and flowers. Great for repelling insects. It also has a tonic action on the mind and for this reason in diffusion it is excellent for increasing concentration.

Lemon essential oil: extracted from the peel of Citrus Limon. It has an invigorating and refreshing citrus scent.

All these essential oils can be found in Fitomosquito.


In the diffuser at home or in the garden: for unforgettable moments without mosquitoes, its floral notes create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Sprayed on curtains and sheets: 10 drops diluted in 500 ml of water and emulsified with a flake of natural soap.

On the skin : 20 drops of Phyto Mosquito in 100 ml of Neem Leaf or Sweet Almond Oil. The dosage can be varied according to the individual result.